Membership Purposes 
To promote closer cooperation between engineering personnel to improve the performance of each individual in the Society. 
To disseminate information regarding legislation in the state and national congresses which will affect health care institutions. 
To develop educational programs to broaden the knowledge of the members concerning codes, standards, rules, and inspections, and up-to-date requirements for both governmental and non-governmental inspection agencies.
To support the programs of area chapters and encourage the formation of new chapters in areas which are not presently served. 
To initiate and support research projects and studies. 
To provide statewide representation at the American Society of Hospital Engineering (ASHE) meetings, and other professional associations as deemed advisable by the Board of Directors. 
To provide a united group for presenting information to the legislature on pertinent subjects.
Membership Provides
Educational opportunities
Professional development
Exchange of information and ideas
Member recognition program
Directory of membership
Newsletter with current information regarding the Society's activities
Notice of regulatory changes in health care codes and standards affecting Health Facility Engineering
Access to technical papers and reports
Professional contacts in specialized areas
Professional friendships and contacts
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